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Be it a men's dhoti in the north, Dhuti in the east, or a veshti in the south, this piece of clothing is elegant, stylish, and bears the emblem of Indian traditions and cultures. Worn during religious ceremonies, weddings, social gatherings, and festivities, readymade dhoti can add a hint of royalty to the outfit. Though men do not wear a dhoti and towel set as daily wear in the modern days, dhotis have come out of their traditional closet to set foot in the fashion world as a new trend. A means to earn respect and dignity, men's cotton dhoti is often seen on even celebrities during festivals. But why is mens dhoti kurta so important in Indian culture? Read along to know.

Why is Dhoti Important in Indian Culture?

The readymade dhoti has gained quite popularity in recent times. Earlier, dhoti was the OG casual wear for men, but it has become attire for special occasions and festivities with time. In fact, some temples mandate wearing mens dhoti pants. Interestingly, dhoti is considered formal wear for men in India. Though the origin of dhotis is not known, the use of this ancient traditional piece of clothing can be dated back to as far as the 5th century BC. Evidence proves men of the Indus Valley Civilization wearing dhotis. The northern and southern parts of the Harappan civilization also show evidence of men wearing dhoti. In fact, traces of this attire have also been seen during the Bronze Age as well. Worn for ages, the importance of dhoti and towel set can be pointed out as follows:

  • Dhoti is important in Indian culture because of the comfort it provides. So, if you seek comfort, buy a single dhoti online. The Indian subcontinent has a hot and dry climate. This is why men prefer to buy mens dhoti online, essentially summer clothing, as it provides ventilation during the hot days.
  • Worn by ancient rulers and kings of India, the silver border dhoti is a symbol of royalty and class. Names like Ashoka are wrapped in elaborately designed dhotis in ancient architectural designs. Besides, evidence shows that elaborate designs were a means to show social status in society. That is why dhotis, like the silver zari dhoti, formed an essential part of the wardrobe of ancient men, and the tradition continues even today.
  • Dhoti even has a connection with the history of India. Famous freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi are seen wearing dhoti. With Gandhi being a symbol of truth, vigilance, and honor, his choice of readymade mens dhoti also bears similar notions along with it. That is why a few political leaders in modern India choose to wear men's dhoti. Possession of a premium dhoti has become a trend in the whole political arena of India and is a must-have in the wardrobes of influential people.

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