K. R. NAGARAJAN - Ramraj Cotton ChairmanMr.K.R.NAGARAJAN
Founder & Chairman


Ramraj Cotton was founded at Tirupur in Tamil Nadu by entrepreneur and visionary, Mr K.R. Nagarajan. He started the company with a single, unwavering vision—to deliver quality men’s ethnic wear to people in the southern states.

While Ramraj Cotton started out small in 1983, Mr Nagarajan’s zeal soon helped it scale great heights. Since its inception, Ramraj Cotton has steadily expanded its presence, ushering in a manufacturing revolution and enhancing the significance of our cherished traditional dhotis.

With several years of textile marketing experience to back him, the Founder & Chairman of Ramraj Cotton, Mr Nagarajan understood one simple success mantra—the power of branding. He understood that if his product has to stand out, people need to identify it by a brand name. That’s how the brand Ramraj was born. The other mantra behind the company’s astounding success is ‘quality without compromise’.

Ramraj Cotton has many firsts to its credit. It is the first company to brand dhotis, the first company to advertise dhotis across different media, the market leader in dhotis across South India, and the first company to introduce a calendar-system to identify trusted dealers, among others.

Even in modern times, the dhoti—which is the traditional attire of the South Indian male—has not lost its sheen. In fact, its significance as the preferred formal ethnic wear for men has increased dramatically in recent times and South Indian men wear the dhoti with great pride at a variety of functions. A large part of the credit for this goes to Ramraj Cotton. Today, 70 out of every 100 dhotis sold in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka, bear the distinct ‘Ramraj’ brand name. The company boasts of a turnover running across several crores and its business continues to grow exponentially each year. Across the decades, Ramraj Cotton has continued to innovate in an effort to deliver value to customers and deliver a practical and comfortable product. At a time when even the elderly were opting for western wear, Mr Nagarajan managed to create a huge buzz and interest in dhotis. He was also a master of innovation, introducing ingenious ideas like the white dhoti belt and dhoti cellphone pouch, making Ramraj dhotis a huge hit among young and old alike.

Ramraj Cotton is also guided by a noble mission. The company’s overarching goal is to uplift the well-being of weavers and rekindle the pride associated with the timeless dhotis. With an unwavering commitment to promoting indigenous attire, the company collaborates closely with weavers, dealers, vendors, retailers, employees, and valued customers to realize this vision. In its dedicated pursuit, the company has brought fresh hope and improved opportunities to weavers, ensuring that they reap the rightful rewards of their labour while safeguarding the dignity of every individual.

Ramraj Cotton has also raised awareness about the intrinsic value of dhotis, turning them into a symbol of Indian tradition that resonates throughout the country. While Ramraj Cotton has been honoured with numerous awards and accolades over the years, the ultimate validation of its 42-year legacy lies in the trust that its esteemed customers have placed in the brand. With the continued love and support of its customers, the company is committed to further nurturing the heritage of tradition and propelling it into the future.

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