Rishab Shetty

Rishab Shetty is the new Face of Ramraj Cotton.

Introducing Rishab Shetty as the new brand ambassador of Ramraj Dhotis, shirts, and kurtas, Mr. Arun Eashwar, the Managing Director, Ramraj Cotton, expressed his pleasure, pride and confidence on associating with Rishab Shetty as the new face of Ramraj dhotis, shirts and kurtas.

In a live interaction with Mr. Rishab Shetty, Mr. Arun Eashwar said “First and foremost, it’s really a great honour and a proud moment for us to have Mr. Rishab Shetty associate with our brand, Ramraj.”

He also mentioned that beyond a great actor and director, Mr. Rishab Shetty is a man of simplicity and is extremely connected to his roots. Appreciating the actor’s love for culture Mr. Arun said “Mr Rishab Shetty is a fabulous personality known all over the country for his creative skills, his acting skills. He has proven it with his PAN India success, Kantara.

I’ve read a lot about him; I’ve interacted with him in the last few months and I’ve come to know that he is someone who cherishes his cultural roots, takes a lot of pride in his tradition. I’ve seen almost every picture of him in all the award shows. And what is very unique is, he’s one of the few Indian actors who wears the traditional Indian dhoti in all his functions. That was something which really attracted us to be associated with him.”

Mr. Arun also believes that both Ramraj and Mr. Rishab Shetty have the same ethos, same beliefs in our cultural products. “It is a very happy moment for us to join Rishabh Sir and we really feel that this association will take our brand even further to greater heights. As we are expanding beyond the southern Indian states to North India, this association will really help our brand and we’re really looking forward to working with Mr. Rishab Shetty.”

Speaking at the same event, Mr. Rishab Shetty expressed his gratitude to the management of Ramraj Cotton to have chosen him as the brand ambassador and his pride in representing the brand on a Pan Indian stage. In response to the Managing Director, Mr. Arun, Mr. Rishab Shetty said “I always admire Nagarajan sir, I always followed his social work and everything. So when he asked about Ramraj, I said directly OK to him. It’s my pleasure.”

Recollecting the first time Mr. Nagarajan had interacted with Rishab Shetty, Mr. Arun Said “I think Mr. Nagarajan first saw you last year and he was very impressed with the movie and also with the way you carried yourself that day because you were wearing dhoti. He immediately called me up that night and said I met Mr. Rishab and I really like him, the way he carries himself, the way he wears the dhoti and we should immediately sign him and we both got in touch shortly after. And we took it further and we are very happy that today he have signed up.”

Rishab Shetty, a superstar who has stunned the country with his various performances and directorial ventures, speaking about Ramraj Cotton quoted ” Ramraj, as a brand manufactures cotton shirts and dhotis which is very much connected to all of us and very much connected to me since my childhood.” Talking on the ethnic Dhotis and Cotton Shirts, He said “In our hometowns, in our homes, in all our events and in our community Cotton shirts and dhotis are used extensively on a day-to-day basis.” Digressing on the growth of the brand Rishab Shetty said “When Ramraj as a brand appeared in the market…I thought, OK, this also as a brand will grow big. And today, I see that almost everyone in India uses Ramraj as a symbol of Indian culture. As a brand, it has grown tremendously in the country.”

He also said that “Today, we are talking so much about make in India and most popular thing also. I think, Ramraj is a swadeshi brand. I feel it gives us all great happiness to call Ramraj as our own. Especially to us, south Indians. Today this has become a brand, which has become a culture, a tradition and is standing tall as a swadeshi brand in the market.” He also feels that I think this a way to take India’s culture and our tradition to the whole world. Rishab Shetty also expresses that “I  

like it very much because I feel it is important to know how we are and how we are presenting ourselves to the world. In my hometown, I wear the same cotton shirts and the dhoti just as everyone. Even when I moved out, I never felt the need to change all that. Wherever we go, we can represent ourselves beautifully in our traditional wear.”

He also went on to say that “And I personally think that this is the way to show our culture and our tradition to the world.”

Talking about why he wanted to associate with Ramraj, Rishab Shetty said” One of the main reasons I wanted to associate with Ramraj was Mr. Nagarajan Sir. But I feel Ramraj beyond being a brand and the business sector has a responsibility to the society. I think Nagarajan sir, through Ramraj has been doing so much for the society. And I deeply connected with that thought. Even I had discussed many social works and about schools with him. One of the things he told me was “you go ahead and do it, I’m with you. I will also get involved and support you”. It was gracious of him to extend his support in all the states where Ramraj has a strong presence.”  

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