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Gone are the days when mens dhoti kurta was worn by the elders. With the entry of mens dhoti pants, the whole outlook on dhotis has changed. Men have started adopting dhoti as their choice of clothing for not only traditional occasions but also casual events. Have you bought a mens dhoti online? Are you thinking about how to style your look with a readymade dhoti to look trendy? Read along to get some ideas to wear a double dhoti in style.

10 Trendy Ways to Wear Men’s Dhoti:

Readymade Dhoti and T-shirt:

Break the rules by pairing your readymade mens dhoti with a T-shirt and a cardigan. The look will be quirky and make you stand out in the crowd. Buy a readymade dhoti online and get ready to make a statement with your dress.

Dhoti Pant and Tuxedo:

Does the combo sound weird? Yes, but the style is not. Be a little rebellious and blend the west with your mens dhoti pants.

Blazer and Dhoti:

Blazers look decent and are followed by the crowd and have always been in style. Sport is indo-western look by pairing your dhoti with a blazer and shirt. It will give you a formal feel that you can wear for evening functions in the winter. So, grab a blazer and a readymade mens dhoti now!

Dhoti and Leather Jacket:

Putting on a simple mens dhoti kurta is boring. Through a leather jacket to add that extra oomph to your look.

Dhoti and Short Kurta:

Are you aiming for a casual look? Team up your dhoti with a short kurta. A very versatile combo, the classic dhoti and a short kurta are utterly comfortable and give you the liberty to experiment with fabrics as well. So, buy a single dhoti online now!

Veshti and Shirt:

This combo is very common. But, you can bring in a twist by wearing a readymade veshti with a denim shirt. Denim shirts are loved by all. It is surely an uncommon way to style your silver zari dhoti, but it is the perfect way to stand out in the crowd.

Dhoti with Jodhpuri Jacket:

Blend two traditional attires to get a unique look. This premium dhoti looks with a Jodhpur jacket will give you a royal, elegant look. Besides, the readymade dhoti price range is easy to afford, making this look achievable even on a tight budget.

Dhoti with Long Jacket:

Amp up your mens dhoti kurta by adding a long jacket to the ensemble. Keep the dhoti and kurta simple, and the jacket elaborately designed to make an impact.

Dhoti and Head Gears:

Add a head wrap with your silver border dhoti and a sheer shirt. The look will be unique if you add some beaded accessories with it.

Double Dhoti and Stole:

Ditch the common dhoti and towel set. Instead, choose a colorful silk double dhoti online and pair it with a matching stole.

Buy Men’s Dhoti

Blend cultures and traditions with a hint of fashion trends and create a memorable look with your readymade dhoti online purchase. It is truly said, what goes around, comes back around. Undergoing extensive metamorphosis, men's dhoti has stood the test of time and today has become a trendy piece of clothing. So, buy mens dhoti online now.

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