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Once an attire to assert status and class among the Indian royalties, men's dhoti has become hip among Indian men. The men's cotton dhoti is trendy, comfortable and ensures you get ample ventilation to keep you cool during the summer days. Have you not tried wearing a mens dhoti kurta yet? It is high time you lay your hands on this trendy piece of attire now. Not sure what to wear? Give the following lines a quick read about the different types of dhotis.

Types of Men’s Dhoti:

The market is full of various kinds of dhotis, like the silver zari dhoti, at a wide range of colors, sizes, prints, and prices. Here is a list of what types of mens dhoti pants you will get in the market:

The Tamil Veshti Dhoti:

The ‘Veshti Vetti,’ also known as ‘Mundu’, comes out of Tamil Nadu and bears the emblem of the state's rich culture. Men drape it around the waist and sometimes fold halfway to the top to give it a short-kind of a look. It is a single piece of cloth and generally comes in a white or cream color with a golden zari border. However, you will find silver border dhoti as well. If you do not go into the hassle of tying a veshti on your own, go for the readymade veshti. A veshti price or readymade dhoti price is quite easy to afford too.

The Kannada Kache Panche Dhoti:

Coming straight out of southern India, the Kannada Kache Panche dhoti and towel set is essential traditional wear in Karnataka. Also goes by the name ‘Dhotra Kachche Panche,’ this dhoti is very lightweight and comfortable.

The Telugu Pancha Dhoti:

Another South Indian classic, the Telugu ‘Pancha’ is traditionally worn by men in Andhra Pradesh. It is made of pure cotton and is super light and thin. Wait no more and buy mens dhoti online now.

The Bengali Kochano or Pleated Dhoti:

A Bengali essential, the Kochano men's cotton dhoti is just a regular dhoti with a twist. It comes with a circular pleated part that is put towards the left side. The dhoti material can be cotton, silk, tusser, etc.

The Maharashtrian Dhotar:

The attire of the Maratha Peshwas and royals, the Dhotar is the most common type of premium dhoti worn by Maharashtrian men.

Rajasthani Dulangi Dhoti:

The land of the maharajas, the culture-rich state of Rajasthan, has given us the traditional Dulangi dhoti. Typically worn by elders in Rajasthan, these dhotis are comfortable.

The Punjabi Chadra:

Like a lungi, the Punjabi Chadra is one of the many types of dhotis worn by men in Punjab.

Readymade Dhoti:

Dhoti has been westernized through time. Today, the readymade mens dhoti is making the buzz as it is easy to wear, and there is no need for tying. Thus, there is no risk of it coming off while doing any physical movement. So, grab a readymade dhoti online.

Shop Premium Dhoti:

Dhotis come in various sizes, like the double dhoti and the single dhoti. The double dhoti is four-meter in length and gets wrapped twice around the waist. You will find various sites selling double dhoti online. On the other hand, the single dhoti is 2 meters long and wraps the waits only once. Depending on your preference, you can buy a double or a single dhoti online depending on your preference.

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