A Journey of Shirt

All men love wearing shirts but have you ever wondered where it comes from? Have you ever tried finding out the source, process, and labor behind delivering the best quality formal color shirts? Whether it's a half shirt or long-sleeved shirt for men, a long drawn process goes into producing and delivering any and all shirts.

The Process

The journey of mens formal plain shirts from farm to market is incredible. Raw materials are essential for producing good quality shirts, be it cotton or mens silk shirts. Grade raw materials are also required for producing quality men’s linen cotton shirts.

The question remains how do you get the raw material for linen, silk, or mens cotton shirts online?

The Raw Material

Men prefer wearing linen cotton white shirts over any other type of shirt available because of the comfortable cotton material. But where do you get cotton from? Cotton comes from cotton seeds. It is harvested in the prime season, where the cotton gets separated from the cotton seeds. This process of segregating is called ginning. On the other hand, linen is harvested from flax, one of the oldest textile fibers.

Have you ever worn mens silk shirts for a party or a dinner invite? Have you ever thought about how the silk for your mens silk shirts short-sleeve or long-sleeve, was made? Well, silk for mens silk shirts onlineis produced by silkworms. These worms feed on mulberry leaves and weave a cocoon. The raw material is extracted from the silkworm with a process called reeling the silk.

The Cloth Market

Once the cotton balls are extracted from the cottonseed, they are sold to traders who engage workers to convert them into yarns. Men love wearing mens formal plain shirts but are oblivious to how they are produced. Next, the weavers sell the yarn in the market.

The yarn is processed and passed through different warping and sizing processes and then loaded on a weaving machine. Here the fabric is manufactured. So all the good quality mens formal linen shirts are produced from the manufacturing process after weaving. Every shirt, be it formal half shirts or long-sleeved shirts, has to pass scrutiny for quality.

The Dye Process

After the fabric is prepared, it is usually customized into different sorts. Whether it’s mens partywear silk shirts or formal half shirts, every color and texture is done after the fabric is ready to undergo different experiments. When making mens silk shirts long sleeve or short sleeve, the colors play an important role as they are generally worn to parties and should have some attractive hues.

The End Product

The customized material goes out to vendors, designers, production houses, and more places that tailor the fabric into men's shirts. Therefore, the cotton, silk, and mens linen shirts online are prepared by different vendors and production houses after attaining the material. The customization is prepared in factories, production houses, and designer stores.


Next, you source your readymade shirts from different sources. You can get amazing cotton silk and pure linen shirts online. Besides, the linen cotton shirts price lures men into buying them from the market more than silk ones. Online shopping means you can also get great offers on formal shirts combo and discounts as well. All the shirts, be it formal shirts half sleeves, or long sleeved party shirts, are also shipped to various distributors and shops so that customers can buy them through markets. Now, whenever you buy a shirt for yourself, be it a pure cotton white half sleeve shirt or a formal linen shirt, you will understand the long-drawn process it takes to bring you the desired clothing of your choice! Therefore, investing money in quality products is always worth it when the people in the backend are so productive.

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