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From time immemorial, dhotis have been a quintessential part of fashion for both men and women. One of the most ancient attires, mens dhoti kurta, is an iconic symbol of Indian traditions and cultures. Dhotis have undergone a tremendous metamorphosis to become today’s iconic readymade dhoti. Evolving through the ages, men's dhoti has become a trend among men of all ages. From ceremonies to festivals, it is a sure-fire way to make a stylish statement. Be it a formal event, or a casual one, make this your weapon to own the event. Are you struggling with how to style your men's dhoti? Read along to get some fabulous ideas.

Glam Up Your Look with a Traditional Dhoti:

Traditional outfits are blingy, and a single misstep can break your attempt to make a statement with your attire. Are you tired of the boring men's cotton dhoti? Here’s how you can glam up your dhoti look:

  1. When you wear a readymade veshti, you can pair it with a scarf instead of a traditional towel. It is uncommon but not unlikely. It will add a hint of quirk to your style.
  2. A good pair of shoes will amp up the look you aim to achieve with a dhoti and towel set. Choose to go with a pair of kolhapuri or Peshawaris in brown nude or black shades. These shoes are very traditional and perfect for making traditional attire like a silver zari dhoti look even better.
  3. Try mixing up your mens dhoti pants with western accessories like beaded wristlets. Accessories are not only for women. So, whenever you set out to buy mens dhoti online, grab some accessories as well. However, going overboard with accessories can ruin the look you are trying to pull off. So, stick to the simple ones only.
  4. Going with pastel shades is the trend now. If your OOTD is a white with silver border dhoti, pair it up with a floral pastel kurta.
  5. If you like to keep it simple, choose to go with the plain old double dhoti and white shirt combination. A double dhoti online is a safe style that can never go wrong.

Buy Premium Dhoti:

The readymade mens dhoti is something every man wants to have in their wardrobe. They are easy to wear, and can make a style statement without a fuss. High with a comfort quotient, the readymade veshti can be styled in any way possible. The best part is that you can pair a premium dhoti up with any variety of shirts, kurtas, and even t-shirts sometimes. There is no doubt that these mens dhoti online are perfect for making a statement now. You can see men sporting mens dhoti pants on major runways as well. Gone are the days when dhotis were just a piece of attire - it is now a style statement for men. Having their roots set in history, single dhoti online looks trendy and fashionable. The readymade dhoti online comes in many prints, colors, fabrics, and styles. So, wait no more, and browse through the readymade dhoti price now!

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