Reason of Wear Cotton Clothes in Summer

Cotton is a highly used fibre in the world, especially because a good percentage of clothing we wear is cotton, and clothes marketed as cotton have a high chance of getting sold. While cotton is not preferred in every type of clothing, many casual outfits, especially those that are meant for the summer season, are mostly cotton.

It is a well-known fact that cotton takes care of your body during the hot season and provides excellent comfort. But you might wonder, does it really help the body in summer? What does cotton have that the other fabric don’t? Based on your curiosity about cotton’s contribution, here are some of the reasons why cotton is the ultimate fabric for the coming summer.

1. Cotton has Insulation Qualities

Thermal insulation is very common in cotton fabrics. And this is why, not just in summer, cotton clothing is also great in winter. This fabric traps the air within the fibres, which holds the fabric away from the body or skin. This offers more space for air between the fabric and the skin and eventually offers insulation and comfort.

2. Cotton Controls the Moisture

Cotton is a highly absorbent fabric and can easily absorb sweat from the skin during the summer. Since they can absorb moisture from the skin immediately, it also saves your body from building up too much liquid. Cotton fabrics are also breathable and are known to have the ability to absorb at least 1/5th of their weight in water before it is actually wet.

3. Cotton is Weatherproof

Cotton fabrics are weather-resistant and can be made into various garments like formal half shirts, cotton sarees, men's formal plain shirts or men’s cotton white full shirts in general. Even if cotton is made into a tight garment, it will still be able to retain its comfort level.

4. Cotton is Hypoallergenic

Have you ever heard of cotton garments causing allergies? Hardly - because it is very rare. In fact, most people with skin allergies like to stick with cotton because cotton doesn’t irritate the skin. This is why cotton is used even in many medical products like bandages, or even for baby clothes.

5. Cotton is Durable

Even after absorbing so much moisture, cotton is surprisingly durable and have high tensile strength. As a result, it is not every day that your cotton garment tears at unexpected times or that you will require new clothes after a few washes.


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