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Sarees are worn in many places of India, and it's fascinating to note that they are not worn in the same way by every culture. A variety of civilizations have developed their own methods of draping sarees, such as the Bengali style draping, the Gujarati style draping, the Tamilian style, and so forth. Kerala sarees are some of the most gorgeous sarees in the world, and they look their finest when worn in the traditional way of Kerala.

What is the Traditional Kerala Style of Saree Wearing?

The signature style of Kerala saree draping is called Mundu Neriyathum. This style involves the lower garment of the saree called Mundu wrapping around in the lower part and tucked at the waist. While the upper part of the cloth, which is called Neriyathum, goes in the upper part of the body, over the blouse.

How to Wear Your Saree in Kerala Style?

1. Before you start draping your saree, wear your petticoat, which is also called an underskirt, and a blouse. The wearing of the underskirt is necessary for any style of saree wearing for securing the pleats.

To begin, take one end of the saree and thread it through the petticoat. The remaining saree must be taken through the right-hand side to the back and then back through to the front. Make a few pleats on the front side of the material on the other end, making sure that the vertical border is visible on the front side of the saree. These pleats should be secured at the waist.

2. One end of the Neriyathum, which is the upper part of the cloth, goes tucked on the left of your waist. Now bring the cloth to the right side, making sure it covers your hips, and bring it diagonally over your left shoulder. This should cover the front part of the body. Then you can let loose the cloth over the shoulder and make pleats. These pleats need securing using a safety pin or saree pin over the shoulder.

3. If you want to tuck it in your blouse, you need to follow a few different steps, although not from the beginning. After securing the pleats in the petticoat in the waist, take your pallu and drape it over your chest through the back. Take the remaining part and make pleats, at least 3-4 and tuck it securely in the cloth over the chest. Many traditional Kerala sarees are draped this way


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