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As summer arrives, linen enthusiasts excitedly wait for their chance to wear their linen cotton shirts in various styles. Linen is a breathable fabric, which is also soft, making it one of the most suitable fabrics in spring or summer. It is also naturally light and offers the wearer various ways to style it with other outfits.

Are you looking for ways to wear your linen clothing this summer? Take a look at our style guide on how to wear your linens - formal or informal.

1. Wear Your Linen Shirt with Shorts

Linen shirts and shorts are very popular during the summer times. Even people without any sense of fashion seem to pair these up just fine. And it is quite safe to safe that you cannot go wrong with this style unless you have a habit of mixing odd colours.

Linen cotton white shirts go well with any coloured cotton chino shorts. For shoes, you can go for boat shoes or even comfortable sandals. Remember, this look is about being effortless, and hence, anything that makes you uncomfortable must be eliminated.

2. Wear Your Formal Linen Shirt with Jeans

Formal linen shirts go well with jeans, even though you cannot vouch they belong with each other. But it doesn’t work with all kinds of jeans. We advise taking out your slim-fit jeans from your wardrobe, even if you have forgotten you own any. The same goes for the shirt; it needs to be a slim fit.

If you wonder if your men’s formal linen shirts are slim enough, take a look at if they are doing a good job showing the definition of your shoulder blades.

3. Linen Shirts and Chinos

Linen shirts and chinos are the ultimate of the styles. You can pair up men’s pure linen colour shirts with tan or khaki chinos. If you can, wear informal linen shirts, and it will make it easier for you to keep your shirt untucked to create a casual look.

Don’t forget to match colours, and since it is a casual look, you can explore more than the solid shirts. For footwear, you can go for loafers or espadrilles.

Tips for Wearing Linen Shirts

● Go for untucked style - unless you are wearing a formal linen shirt for a formal outlook.
● Want to wear linen as the summer is dying, the chilly weather is arriving slowly? Go for it but add some extra layers under. Or just throw a jacket over the shirt.


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