Mens Cotton Linen White Shirts


Size: 38
Sleeves: Half
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Mens Cotton Linen White Shirt  

Introducing our linen cotton shirt, the perfect blend of two exceptional materials for ultimate comfort and style. Crafted with a high-quality linen and cotton blend, this shirt offers the best of both worlds - the breath ability of linen and the softness of cotton. The combination of these two materials creates a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable shirt that is perfect for all seasons. The linen allows for excellent airflow, keeping you cool and dry on hot days, while the cotton adds a gentle touch against your skin. With its versatile style, this shirt is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Its classic design features a button-up front, collared neckline, and a range of color options to suit your personal taste. Plus, it's easy to care for and maintains its shape wash after wash. Invest in our linen cotton shirt for a timeless and comfortable addition to your wardrobe that you can wear year-round.

Material              :  Linen Cotton
Shirt  Fit              :  Prestigious Fit
Shirt Hem Line   :  Straight Cut
Sleeve length      :  Full & Half Sleeves
Collar Type          :  Classic Collar
Neck Shape         : Collared neck

Wash Care

Washing linen shirts, especially white ones, requires a bit of care to maintain their quality and color. Here are some tips for washing a men's linen white shirt:

  1. Read the Label: Always check the care label on the shirt for any specific instructions or recommendations from the manufacturer.

  2. Separate Whites: Wash white linen shirts separately or with other white garments to prevent color bleeding from other clothes.

  3. Use Gentle Cycle: Opt for a gentle cycle on your washing machine to avoid excessive agitation, which can cause wrinkles and damage to the fabric.

  4. Use Cold Water: Wash linen shirts in cold water to prevent shrinking and preserve the fabric's integrity. Hot water can cause the shirt to shrink and may set stains.

  5. Mild Detergent: Use a mild detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fibers of the linen and cause it to deteriorate over time.

  6. Avoid Bleach: While bleach can be effective for whitening clothes, it can also weaken the fibers of linen and cause yellowing over time. Instead, use oxygen bleach or a whitening detergent specifically designed for whites.

  7. Turn Inside Out: Turn the shirt inside out before washing to minimize abrasion and protect any buttons or embellishments.

  8. Hand Wash Option: If your washing machine has a hand wash or delicate cycle, you can use that setting for added gentleness.

  9. Don't Overload: Avoid overcrowding the washing machine to allow the shirt to move freely and prevent excessive wrinkling.

  10. Air Dry: Hang the shirt to air dry rather than using a dryer. Linen can shrink in the dryer and may become excessively wrinkled. Hang it on a clothesline or drying rack, preferably in a shaded area to avoid direct sunlight, which can cause yellowing.

  11. Ironing: If necessary, iron the shirt while it's still slightly damp using a medium to high heat setting. Ironing while the shirt is damp will make it easier to remove wrinkles.

Manufactured & Marketed By:

Manufactured By:
8 /3-C, Sengunthapuram 1st Street,
Mangalam Road,
Tirupur – 641 604, Tamil Nadu, India.

Marketed By:
No.9, Sengunthapuram 1st Street,
Mangalam Road,
Tirupur – 641 604, Tamil Nadu, India.

Country of Origin: India

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