Linen Brooks Suiting Fabric Sandal

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Linen Brooks Cotton Suiting Fabric Sandal

Fabric Details & Features: 

 Material Colour Size Fabric Style
Linen Suiting Sandal
147cm *130cm Plain suiting fabric

Linen Brooks Suiting Fabric:

Linen cotton suiting fabric blends the qualities of linen and cotton to create a fabric suitable for making suits. Here are some key characteristics of this type of fabric:

  1. Linen: Linen is a natural fiber made from the flax plant. It is known for its lightweight, breathable, and absorbent properties. Linen fabric has a distinctive textured appearance and tends to wrinkle easily, giving garments a relaxed and casual look.

  2. Cotton: Cotton is another natural fiber that is soft, breathable, and durable. Cotton fabric is comfortable to wear and has good draping qualities. It is often blended with other fibers to enhance its properties.

  3. Blend: Linen cotton suiting fabric typically combines linen and cotton fibers in varying proportions. The blend aims to leverage the desirable characteristics of both fibers, such as the breathability of linen and the softness of cotton, while minimizing their individual drawbacks, such as linen's tendency to wrinkle.

  4. Comfort: The combination of linen and cotton creates a fabric that is comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather. The breathability of both fibers allows air to circulate, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

  5. Appearance: Linen cotton suiting fabric has a textured appearance due to the natural fibers. It may have a slightly rustic or casual look compared to fabrics made from synthetic fibers or wool.

  6. Versatility: While linen cotton suiting fabric may have a more relaxed appearance compared to traditional wool suiting fabrics, it can still be suitable for various occasions depending on the weave, color, and design of the fabric. It is often chosen for summer suits, casual blazers, or tailored trousers.

    Wash Care:

    Linen cotton suiting fabric may require special care to maintain its appearance and longevity. It is often recommended to dry clean or hand wash linen cotton garments to avoid shrinkage and excessive wrinkling.

    Note : The color rendition of the products may vary according to the ambient lighting conditions and the color calibration of digital LED devices.

    Manufactured & Marketed By:

    Manufactured By:
    8 /3-C, Sengunthapuram 1st Street,
    Mangalam Road,
    Tirupur – 641 604, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Marketed By:
    No.9, Sengunthapuram 1st Street,
    Mangalam Road,
    Tirupur – 641 604, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Country of Origin: India

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