• Cotton bags do not cause the environmental harm as that of plastic bags. Fabric bags are recyclable and biodegradable hence do not pollute the environment. Towards sustainable business, we decommissioned the plastic covers for our pure silk products and switched to cotton covers.
  • Never store the silk dhotis in plastic covers that can lead to fabric and Zari discoloration. You can always use cotton cover bags over silk material.
  • It has been observed that moisture is a major reason for silk fabric decay. Fabric bags like cotton are made from cellulose, which is known to absorb moisture up to 25 times of their weight. Cotton bags can keep your silk dhoti dry even in monsoon season.
  • Storing your silk dhoti in a cotton bag allows them to breathe, protects its zari from oxidization and will also ensure the protection from insects like moths, cockroaches and beetles. Insects damage the silk and eventually the fabric cracks to your surprise. Make sure that you have stored the silk dhotis in the cloth cover which we have provided.
  • Silk is a delicate fibre and it is susceptible to deterioration. This fabric is very vulnerable to the climate, humidity, light, insects, and dust. Moisture is a major reason why silk clothes get damaged. To safeguard silk dhotis from moisture, it is always best to wrap them in pure cotton cover to store them in your wardrobe. And that's why we, Ramraj provide you with cotton cover to ensure your silk is protected.

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