How to wear Panchakacham -  Ramraj Cotton

Brahmin men wearing Ramraj panchakacham is a tradition followed by them during festive occasions and rituals. Many find it challenging to wear as they do not know the right procedure. We aimed at teaching an easy technique to wear Ramraj panchakacham and hence, have provided a simple and easy step by step procedure below.

Dhoti (Veshti) for panchakacham attire comes in 8, 9 and 10 cubits (muzham) from Ramraj. So, one has to choose the right size according to one's height and the build. The 8 cubits dhoti is for a smaller body frame, and the 10 cubits dhoti is for a bigger one.


Step 1:

Unfold the dhoti to form 4 folds.

Step 2:

Release it further to have two folds.

Step 3:

Hold the center of the dhoti in your right hand.

Step 4:

Drape the dhoti around equally on both sides with the center point at your spine. Now we have equal length on either side.

Step 5:

Move the right hand forward and left hand back so that the length on the right-hand side is more than the left-hand side by about 8-10 inches.

Step 6:

Now take the left-hand side part to your right.

Step 7:

Then take the right side part to your left. Tuck it in both the sides.

Step 8:

Now take the front side (outer part) of the dhoti and form pleats and then tuck it in at the center.

Step 9:

Now take the inner side of the dhoti and form pleats with small folds. Once the pleat-formation is finished, take it through your legs and tuck it at your back. The border should be to your left.

Step 10:

Now that the back is tucked in, take the front side cloth again and form pleats with the border visible on the left. When the pleats are complete again, tuck them in the center. The Ramraj panchakacham is now complete. Now wear the angavastram over it.