Ponnadai Grey 757

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Specifications of Ponnadai Grey 757

Ramraj's latest product is a perfect harmony of traditional heritage and modern fashion. We are proud to introduce our budget-friendly Ponnadai, a garment that embodies elegance and charm.Ponnadai is a traditional garment. It is also known as a shawl or angavastram and is typically made of silk or cotton. The Ponnadai is draped over the shoulders and worn over a shirt or traditional attire. It is usually worn during formal occasions, festivals, and weddings, and is considered a symbol of respect and elegance. The Ponnadai can be plain or decorated with intricate designs, and it comes in various colors and patterns.

Size : 0.9 m X 1.8 m

Pack contains 1 Towel

Note: Dispatched in assorted design only.